NEW! Online Drama Clubs

"It was great to see everyone and to have a bit of normality this morning"

Here at Boost! We talk a lot about how drama can help children develop good mental health. Now more than ever they need something that keeps them stimulated and involved with others. That's why we have found a way to make our fantastic drama clubs work online. 

Like many schools and businesses at present we are using 'Zoom' to bring exciting, interactive drama to your children at home. This fantastic application allows us to have everyone 'together' in the 'room' at the same time but also to be able to go off into breakout 'rooms' where they can work in pairs or small groups. We have already begun these sessions with our Saturday clubs and they are absolutely loving it! They still get to meet up with their friends and work together. The feedback has been amazing from these kids who have already started to miss their friends and are craving the company of others.

There will be three sessions a week for 4-6 year-olds, 7-11 year-olds and 12-14 year-olds.

We are are offering the first two sessions for absolute free and, after that, we will only be charging our discounted school rate of £4.50 a session.

If you would like to register for more information before we begin on the 18th April, click the button below to send us an email.


BE WARNED! You will probably find your children tearing around your house at some point on a mission against the clock! 

Please note that stringent safeguarding precautions are in place and will be explained to you when you drop us a line.