NEW! Drama for those with SEN
"The Difference it has made to her confidence has been amazing"


Here at Boost! the development of good mental health has always been our priority. But we want to reach out more to those who need drama presented in a slightly different way. 

We know there are children and adults out there who would love more opportunities to perform and play drama games with others so we have joined forces with the wonderful Stephanie Seddon who has a training and background in Acting and Musical Theatre but is now a Senior Mental Health Nurse working in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. 

She feels as passionately as we do that Drama and Theatre Skills have a huge part to play in the mental well being of all those who enjoy it and that it should be accessible to all and we are delighted that she has agreed to run these two courses for children and adults with Special Educational Needs. 

There will be two four week courses running on Saturdays

from 19th February - 12th March 2022

10.00 - Children 7-14 with Special Educational Needs

11.30 - Older Teens and Adults with Special Educational Needs

£60 per head (10% discount if you book before 21st January)

Parents and Carers are encouraged to stay and support or join in or watch from a distance depending on what they deem necessary and appropriate.