Student Spotlight

Here at Boost! we celebrate the achievements of our students both past and present and love to share some of their stories with you

Jessica Lester

Jessica Lester (21)studied LAMDA with Boost! to Grade 8. She has just completed her final year studying Drama at The University of East Anglia (a little remotely of late, thanks to Covid) and has already been awarded a First. 


"It's hard to put into words how much my time with Boost and Caroline meant for me. I had always enjoyed drama from primary school age, but I really struggled with having confidence in myself as an actor. I often wouldn't audition for roles for fear that I would get rejected and had the mindset that if I didn't try then at least I couldn't fail. Caroline changed all that.

Over the years she taught me LAMDA, she was able to nurture my skill with compassion and knowledge whilst constantly encouraging me to be brave and experiment. I used different accents - something I would never have dared before - and played characters I would never have thought I could play. I went from a timid school girl who saw Drama as a hobby to a confident young woman who sees Drama as a career. I am sure that without Caroline this transformation would never have happened, and I certainly wouldn't have achieved 97% in my Grade 8 LAMDA exam!

My success in LAMDA and with Boost spurred me forward to do Drama at University, and I am now graduating from UEA this year with a first. I am constantly auditioning, landing lead roles regularly and have already gone up to the Fringe twice with two separate companies. This success and any success to come, I will always credit to Caroline and how she shaped my formative acting years. I cannot recommend her enough!"

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Aimee Goodall

Aimee Goodlall (22) who studied LAMDA with Boost! to Grade 8. She is now studying her Masters in Acting at Guildford School of Acting. She sadly missed her last few months at Guilford but can be seen on 'Zoom Queens' a Zoom production on Youtube that she has produced with fellow students and 'Date-Ting',  her one woman short film for You Tube: 


"I thoroughly enjoyed my years with Boost! and the time, support, and direction I received was second to none.

I completed all 8 of my LAMDA exams with the help of Caroline, and her passion for acting and knowledge of the craft is what made each and every one of my lessons with her so exciting. Through these exams I not only

became a better performer who was, with each lesson, less and less intimidated by an audience, but I also became a much more confident and self-assured person.

I learned a lot from my time at Boost!, Caroline is truly one of the most amazingly sensitive, knowledgeable, and gifted teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I honestly believe that her influence and passion for acting is what heightened my desire to continue performing whenever and wherever I could, which is why I then went on to study Drama at Exeter University and am now completing my Masters in Acting at Guildford School of Acting.


I am having such an amazing time and am learning so much every single day – It’s odd to think a little girl who was terrified for her first LAMDA exam is now a 22 year old who is hoping to never stop performing."

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