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Introduction to Shakespeare Workshops for Key Stage 2


Packed with games, facts, improvisation and performance opportunities, this exciting workshop will give children in Key Stage 2 a fun, positive and engaging introduction to the work of The Bard.

How can Shakespeare set you free?

What are the most famous six words in the whole world?

Can Hamlet, Juliet, the Three Witches, Macbeth and Bottom work out their Downstage Left from their Upstage Right?

Take a Shakespearean word shower, put words into the mouth of a murderer and learn how to properly insult your classmates.

Take a Pentameter Canter through some of the best quotes ever, perform a famous scene for your class and learn how to die dramatically!

A hit with teachers and students alike!

“Last Wednesday, Red Class had an exciting Shakespeare Workshop prepared and delivered by Caroline Seed – the children had the opportunity to act some of the scenes from his plays and I know they particularly enjoyed shouting Shakespearean insults at each other. It was a great introduction to what can sometimes seem a challenge for primary aged children. Thank you Caroline.”

Russell Leigh – Head, Teacher St Birinus CE School, Dorchester-on-Thames

“I learned a lot about the plays and characters. And I found out all the dates and facts about Shakespeare……. I particularly enjoyed acting with the dagger and props……I loved it so much I want to do more. I wish it was longer and overall I learned a lot and did loads of acting.”

“Before this workshop, I didn’t know anything about Shakespeare apart from I knew his name and he wrote plays. It was very fun and happy. I absolutely extremely enjoyed it. The workshop helped me understand that Shakespeare isn't really boring at all...."

“The people that run the workshop are amazing! And are brilliant at teaching in a fun, interesting way.”               

“I liked the wink murder with Shakespeare quotes and I also really enjoyed writing the short Shakespeare play. I really enjoyed today and I would love to do more of these!”

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